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UCM: Helping Establish an Excellent Health Care Option for Chinese Patients

The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM), one of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions, has been at the forefront of medical care since 1927. In recent years, it launched the green channel program, customized for Chinese patients, with the goal of helping them receive world-class treatment. Allison+Partners was engaged to increase awareness among Chinese patients and establish UCM as a thought leader in China’s health care industry.

The health care sector in China is very competitive and under strict Government control so, to serve patient and health care professionals’ needs for more information on treatment options, we regularly craft articles focused on specific themes relevant to the market, which are published by medical news media in China. We also support UCM’s digital communications and online community engagement by managing the medical center’s Weibo and WeChat accounts, as well as optimizing their website to better satisfy Chinese patients’ needs.

The content generated by UCM is widely circulated and has helped the university become recognized by top tier media in China as an excellent health care organization. UCM’s social media presence has also grown substantially, attracting more than double the followers than prior to our efforts.