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Toyota: Driving the Future of Mobility

To complement its reputation for building cars and trucks that are simply fun to drive, Toyota is actively shaping a new one – tied to solving real world mobility challenges through new energy sources, autonomous technology and robotics research. Allison+Partners continues to work with Toyota to ensure the global automaker is actively leading conversations with reporters and influencers around the future of mobility, especially within the Silicon Valley community.

As Toyota pivots conversations from plug-in powertrains to on-demand EV options, we work to secure positive conversations timed with Toyota’s presence at top-tier nontraditional (for automotive brands) media events. At CES 2017, our team worked hand-in-hand with Toyota to unveil to global automotive, auto tech and lifestyle media its autonomous concept car as well as Toyota’s vision for the relationship we’ll have with our car – and it with us – lead through AI. Our efforts resulted in more than a dozen best of CES awards and several requests from global CEOs to sit in and experience Toyota’s concept car based on buzz we created.

To augment these initiatives, including those at CES, our team leverages Toyota concept vehicles – that focus on unique solutions to mobility challenges – to deliver in-seat experiential storytelling opportunities for influential national media. When Toyota made its three-wheel I-ROAD vehicle available in the U.S. for the first time, our team delivered profile stories for Toyota positioning the brand as a mobility visionary within outlets ranging from USA Today and TechCrunch to all broadcast affiliates in Los Angeles.

These efforts ultimately help Toyota reshape how Silicon Valley insiders – and future car buyers – perceive the company and its family of vehicles.