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TBM Consulting Group: Maximizing Operational Excellence

TBM, a global operations management consulting firm from the U.S., was looking for more visibility in the German market. TBM had great customer stories to tell on how companies had accelerated growth by leveraging it's concept of operational excellence that had never been shared with the media.

Allison+Partners developed case studies for projects from different industries and placed them in relevant publications to drive awareness for TBM’s success. We also arranged interviews for TBM’s charismatic CEO when he came to visit Germany so he could tell the company story to media. Moreover, we regularly communicated news from TBM through press releases, and the content developed was also shared through TBM’s social media channels.

Numerous articles appeared in management trade press and vertical media outlets. As a result, TBM was perceived as an expert in operational excellence and a consulting firm with a unique approach to maximizing enterprise value.