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Increasing market share through standout media relations

Despite its leading position in the antivirus consumer market in Europe, Kaspersky Lab was less well-known for its business solutions in the B2B market. The brand needed to build its legitimacy in the enterprise market to strengthen its position and close the gap between the company and existing market leaders.

We set out to gain greater visibility in national, regional and business press, as well as on TV and radio. For this, we focused on identifying hot topics within Kaspersky's scope of business in order to develop relevant and engaging content. We also offered media training to three Kaspersky Lab spokespeople, helping them disseminate information relating to their area of expertise in a simpler way.

Leveraging our remarkable relationships with business media, we arranged meetings with 25 tier one media outlets for Kaspersky Lab within the first six months. These quality interactions with journalists, further enhanced by the exemplary commitment and availability of our spokespeople, were key in improving media relations, increasing loyalty and ease of contact.

With over 32 articles and appearances in the national press and broadcast media within the first six months, Kaspersky Lab was elevated to a prime position among market leaders for their B2B offering, moving from the fourth to third place in the French antivirus market.