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Healthcare Leadership Council: Creating and Sustaining a Leadership Position in the Health Care Industry

The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of executives from within American health care, is the exclusive forum for the nation’s healthcare leaders to jointly develop policies, plans, and programs. Operating on the principle that “all politics are local,” Allison+Partners works with HLC members and allies to localize, personalize and powerfully demonstrate the impact of federal proposals on individuals, communities and the healthcare industry. Through public education, media activities and grassroots mobilization, these teams provide compelling insights to move HLC’s agenda forward on a range of issues, including access to health care coverage, FDA reform, privacy, and Medicare and health information technology.

As a result of these grassroots efforts, HLC has achieved legislative victories and earned a reputation as the best in the health care industry. Program accomplishments include:

  • Development of HLTeams in 50 states and more than 400 congressional districts
  • Thousands of in-district meetings or facility tours with Members of Congress
  • Thousands of grassroots phone calls, letters and e-mails at heated times in the legislative process covering the hottest issues
  • Organization of numerous health care forums, town hall meetings and other community events
  • Significant media coverage through press events, media briefings and placement of opinion editorials and letters to the editor
  • Hosting the annual Healthcare Innovations Expo that provides an opportunity for HLC member companies and organizations to present their new and noteworthy innovations to lawmakers and influential congressional staff