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Goldman Environmental Prize01



Goldman Environmental Prize: Helping Environmental Heroes Save the Planet

The Goldman Environmental Prize, the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists, honors six environmental heroes each year from each of the world’s inhabited continents. The winners are not celebrities or world-renowned scientists, but ordinary people inspired to take on environmental and social problems in the face of political opposition, social indifference and often life-threatening situations.

For more than a decade, Allison+Partners has worked with the Prize to offer its extraordinary recipients another great value: The power of PR to advance winners’ individual goals and missions through high-profile, in-depth media coverage with a direct call-to-action. While a noble project, this effort is never short of challenges. Prize winners often come from remote regions with limited media access, or from countries with little to no free press. As such, navigating language barriers and time differences to arrange media interviews requires great patience and flexibility from all parties.

Allison+Partners crafts each winner’s individual story to showcase the everyday person behind the cause and leverages the impact of bigger news on relevant topics in order to become part of a global conversation. The result each year is hundreds of national and international stories written about Prize winners in the most renowned media outlets, such as The New York TimesAssociated PressReuters, Washington Post and NPR. These stories make winners’ issues top of mind for a diverse audience of donors, policy makers and the next generation of environmentalists looking to make a difference.