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Gogo SqueeZ: Developing the Right Cause Partnership

GoGo squeeZ, the makers of fruit applesauce in a pouch, are committed to healthy nutrition for kids. The company wanted to make a difference in the communities in which they work and where they sell their products.

Allison+Partners implemented its proprietary Corporate Socialanthropy ™ process, auditing both executives and employees throughout the company. This culminated with evaluating numerous nonprofit organizations that focused on health and nutrition for kids. We then helped to negotiate a long-term partnership with Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK), a nationwide nonprofit that supports school-based healthy eating and physical activity programs. Through a series of school grants and sponsored activities with AFHK, GoGo squeeZ is able to further its mission of making families happier and healthier by squeeZing a little more goodness into kids' lives across the country. 

We launched the partnership in conjunction with GoGo squeeZ’s Goodness Ambassador and Olympic Gold Medalist Dominque Dawes through a series of intimate media events, securing millions of media impressions from placements on E! News, NBC Sports, Parents, Romper, CBS News and more.