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BreadTalk: Rebuilding a Brand Image and Restoring Consumer Confidence 

BreadTalk engaged Allison+Partners to provide public relations support for the launch of their first global store concept in Singapore. The aim was to drive maximum awareness for the launch, while intricately navigating public sensitivities the brand was encountering during this period.

After recently losing consumer confidence due to an incident with BreadTalk’s soya bean milk bottling and China's reuse of frying oil claim, our team saw the launch as an opportune platform for the brand to reinforce itself as not only a leading bakery brand in Asia, but also as a homegrown company that truly cares for its customers. We crafted a strategic narrative illustrating how BreadTalk observes consumer insights and trends, and conducted extensive research to develop a new concept for the brand, bringing natural goodness back to consumers. In addition to news and lifestyle angles, our team also recommended engaging business media in order to reach a wide range of audiences and add credibility to the launch.

As a result, our team secured nearly 41,600,000 impressions with 55 articles for the campaign. Coverage also extended beyond local shores to China and Malaysia. Considering the small media pool in Singapore, the client was pleased with the results.