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Bosch Home Appliances: Happiness starts at home

Bosch Home Appliances was about to launch in Singapore the Bosch Unlimited Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner and Allison+Partners devised a targeted approach and implemented a fully earned influencer engagement program to attract the right influencers to support the program.

Most vacuum cleaner brands focus on communicating their product benefits and lifestyle relevance. But with the Bosch Unlimited, we saw an untapped opportunity to communicate beyond the functional benefits and strike an emotional connection with new and existing millennial homeowners, time-strapped young couples and career-focused professionals.

Following one of Bosch’s product messages, “surprisingly simple solutions,” our messaging with the Unlimited launch was to tie it to helping this group alleviate stress in their lives by solving daily household problems. Our homes are an extension of who we are, and finding happiness at home can take away our stresses and enhance our well-being. 

So, we conceived the “Happiness Starts at Home” campaign to help Singaporeans eliminate the stress tied to everyday chores. To cultivate an emotional connection with consumers, each USP needed to highlight how the product unlocked happiness at home – in this case, giving them the gifts of time, flexibility and convenience, which translate into peace of mind for family time. 

Using our proprietary Influence Impact Score (Reach + Authenticity x Power), we identified influencers who would have the most earned impact. These influencers needed to be followed closely by Bosch’s target audience and be new homeowners, ensuring the partnership could be based purely on product sponsorships. We selected five top-tier influencers to represent the content pillars of happy relationships, family bonding and career success: Jamie Teo, Charlotte Mei, Malaque Malady, Anna Belle Francis and Sylvia Chan.

To cultivate long-term partnerships, we began outreach by giving the five selected influencers an educational tour of the Bosch Experience Centre and introduced them to the essence of the Bosch brand, its innovative technology and its latest home appliances. Then, we held conversations with them about their product sponsorships before picking the products they would sponsor, which included the Unlimited vacuum cleaner. 

After conducting personalized product training in their homes, we gave them some time to use the products and conducted regular check-ins to ask how the Unlimited freed up time for them to spend with their families. Eliciting their organic attachment to the product was key to making them true brand advocates who would create quality and authentic posts that communicated the main messages of the Bosch brand and the Unlimited product.

Leading up to the launch, we worked them to develop social content and generate lively conversations about the product. We then scheduled their posts amid other pre- and post-launch content to ensure a strategic flow.

The Results:
We successfully navigated working with minimal resources to get out Bosch’s key company and product messages. Influencer content successfully positioned Bosch Unlimited as a tool that freed Singaporeans from the burden of time and labor-intensive chores. Even though none of the influencers were paid, the quality of the posts was remarkable. One notable example is a video created by Charlotte Mei, which put a relatable and humorous spin on the “unlimited” potential of the vacuum cleaner and its many uses. 

  • Efforts led to 17 influencer posts that garnered more than 1.3 million impressions, including 520,000 likes and video views.
  • We generated significant number of sales enquiries through comments, direct messages and click-throughs from personalized trackable URLs that amounted to 17% of the sales target. 
  • Bosch exceeded its total sales goal by 100%, selling twice as many vacuum cleaners as it initially targeted.