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Bosch: Solidifying a Market-Leading Position

Bosch, a leading household appliances brand, enlisted Allison+Partners to solidify its market leadership position in Singapore with the goal of capturing a larger slice of the growing and ever-evolving homeowners market.

Our program included a mix of product launches, chef/brand partnerships, baking demonstrations and experiential product testing. To convey key messages to the target audiences, we capitalized on local consumer trends: a fast-deepening interest in culinary arts, burgeoning health-conscious lifestyle and growing affluence among discerning, young homeowners.

More than 90 million media impressions were secured across lifestyle, home and décor, food and beverage and parenting media and social media platforms, in the form of thought leadership features, product reviews, event coverage and recipe contributions. Strong relationships with the media made Bosch a go-to source for all things home appliance-related. Furthermore, by proposing the use of popular home bakers as product demonstrators, we helped the client solve a business problem of the high cost associated with professional chef demonstrators.