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Airlines Reporting Corporation: Refreshing a 30-Year-Old Brand

Until 1978, the government regulated airfare pricing. That year, legislation was passed to deregulate it but there was no airfare model or settlement system that worked between airlines and agencies. ARC, Airlines Reporting Corporation, was born out of necessity and brought order to the airline pricing industry. But because it grew out of such an immediate need, it never really branded itself…until now.

ARC wanted to tell the world who it was today, much different than it was 30 years ago, and showcase its value to the travel industry. To accomplish this, Allison+Partners created an integrated campaign that included a new brand platform, visual identity, messaging and materials.

Research showed that ARC was still viewed as a settlement provider, and not as well recognized for the valuable data solutions it provided. As a result, we built a new brand messaging architecture that was rooted in the company’s business objectives. “The Intelligence behind Travel” captured ARC’s long legacy in the airline space, while pointing to how the brand wanted to evolve in the future. We brought the concept to life by developing a new visual identity, including a new logo, refined color palette, fresh typography and a brand essence video.

The new positioning needed to be introduced internally and become part of the fabric of the company’s DNA. The grand reveal happened at the company Leadership Summit where an outside guest speaker talked about the importance of branding and why “your brand matters.” In the immediate days following, the leadership team hosted Town Halls in each office to showcase the new brand assets and have a live dialogue with employees about what this means and why. We also worked with ARC’s internal communications team to make sure it was integrated into all messaging, materials, internal programs, presentations and employee engagement efforts.

Leadership, employees and industry partners rallied around the new brand and messaging. Today, the new brand identity holds its own among a sea of other very well-known companies in the industry.