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ALS Therapy Development Institute: Rebranding to Find a Cure

The ALS Therapy Development Institute is a nonprofit biotech research organization based in Cambridge, MA that is dedicated to funding research to find a cure for the disease. The organization received global notoriety when the Ice Bucket Challenge was created, helping drive awareness and fundraising for the ALS community.

When the original video aired, the call to action was to support ALS. However, funding was distributed to numerous ALS organizations. Allison+Partners was brought on to not only help raise the charity’s profile, but to also take them through a re-branding exercise that would lead them to utilize its website URL as the organization’s name for fundraising and marketing initiatives. 

Working with ALS Ambassador Anthony Carbajal, we were able to bring the charity’s messaging to the Ellen Show, which helped raise more than $4 million for research for the charity’s leading precision medicine program. We also helped develop a formal ambassador program, training people with ALS, family members and friends to better communicate the immediate need to raise funds for research to their communities, events, and with the media.