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Reconciling ESG: Rhetoric v. Reality, and the Business Imperative

Despite Americans’ overwhelming support of environmental, social and governance topics, ESG has come under fire in recent years. As anti-ESG rhetoric continues to bleed into legislation and media conversations, many companies and communicators now contemplate their next steps around ESG communications.  

7 minute read

Navigating crisis communications in the wake of the SVB crash: A guide for African tech startups

A month ago Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) became the second-largest bank failure in American history and it sent shockwaves throughout the global tech ecosystem, with African tech startups facing significant repercussions. The collapse of SVB yet again highlights the importance of having an effective, up-to-date and easy-to-mobilise crisis communications strategy and plan in place. 

5 minute read

The Golden Age of Proptech is Upon Us

Over the past few years, there have been more than a few topics du jour within the real estate industry. Among the top three is proptech, along with the long-term outlook for commercial office space and everyone’s favorite semi-definable acronym ESG (more on that later). Also known as property technology for those not attuned with the lingo of the built environment, proptech is one of the industry's fastest growing trends.  

5 minute read

5th anniversary of A+P in Australia: Reflection

One of the most interesting aspects of PR is its potential is pretty much limitless. What PR is continues to evolve, as does what it means for brands. And that’s been an interesting thing to witness, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s been encouraging to see over the years is how clients have continued to invest in – and prioritise – PR. 

3 minute read

Why Real Estate Investors Should Not be Worried

While the often-used expression of “buy low, sell high” is still the best bet for investors of any type in any field, commercial real estate investors, especially those in the multifamily sector, don’t need to be as laser-focused on this storied adage.

6 minute read

5th anniversary of A+P in India: Reflection

When I think of 2017, I reminisce a bit on a pandemic-free world we used to inhabit. So, I am grateful we are in a much better place now! That aside, 2017 was an exciting year for us, launching Allison+Partners in India and seeing the opportunity and the phenomenal prospect of the India market. As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots forward but only backwards.” 2017 was only the precursor to PR’s increasing prominence on the centerstage. And as the pandemic showed later, companies placed even more importance on the need to over-communicate. I am glad that we had the opportunity to quickly build valuable relationships with our clients, demonstrating our value from the get-go to all the way through the worst of the pandemic to present day. 

4 minute read

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