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Holiday Travel: Will we Zoom or be zooming?

If 2020 was home to the holidays of Zoom calls and family celebrations, 2021 is projected to be the holidays of zoom… as in racing out of town to visit with family, if not to seek out warmer weather and a beach. But, will the travel industry truly see this coming?

4 minute read

What the Squid Game Teaches Us About Teamwork and Leading Through Challenging Times


This past week, I eagerly binge-watched all nine episodes of the “Squid Game.” The current No. 1 show worldwide on Netflix is on track to become the platform’s most-watched series ever. It’s a disturbing, yet intriguing dystopian Korean series about a murderous tournament of children's games, where contestants dealing with insurmountable debts play for the chance to win $38 million. The winner becomes wealthy beyond their imagination, while the losers are eliminated.

7 minute read

Trends This Holiday Season: Consumer Shopping – and Bar – Carts

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it will come a new set of celebratory food and spirits trends to keep things festive. The food + beverage experts at Allison+Partners looked at what we can expect to see reign supreme for consumers when it comes to how they’re filling their shopping – and bar – carts this year.  

6 minute read

Agency culture without the physical office

In the old normal, my relationship with the physical office was mostly positive.

The office was a place where I had nearly immediate access to my team, making a quick brainstorm or huddle just a short walk to a meeting room away. It also meant lunchtime conversations – a welcome break before the second half of the workday.

6 minute read

Building The Best Agency

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a dinner in New York and realized I left my laptop at the office. It was 10 p.m., but I needed to go back and get it. We had just recently moved into our stunning offices at One World Trade Center, formerly known as the Freedom Tower. As I walked into our space on the 69th floor, I stopped dead in my tracks and looked out the window at the dazzling Manhattan skyline. It’s difficult to capture 20 years of memories into one moment, but that quintessential view did it. 

5 minute read

20 Years Later, It Remains About the People, Growth and Vision

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we opened our doors at Allison+Partners. I remember it like it was yesterday – the excitement, the nervousness and thrill of starting something new. Scott Allison and Andy Hardie-Brown had the notion of acquiring the West Coast offices of our previous agency, and Jonathan Heit, Matt Lorenz and I all jumped on board. 20 years later, we are all still here. What was a 20-person agency is now a global firm with more than 500 people from around the globe.

3 minute read

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