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The PR Power List 2023

We have limited word counts for each agency description, so we won’t have room for all of Allison’s 2022 account wins.  Now a global giant, the 21-year-old firm snagged work from AAA, Athleta, GE Power & Water, Hasbro, Grammarly, Mars Wrigley, Moderna, Poshmark, Sennheiser, and TikTok – and that’s just a partial list. Some of its campaigns became the year’s most talked-about, from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s #MoreForMentalHealth initiative to Corona’s global plastic fishing tournament, which removed over 20 tons of plastic from the ocean and garnered over two billion impressions. If that wasn’t enough, Allison launched its new Allison+Sports and BrandGeist divisions this year.

5 minute read

A Reflection on Veterans Day

It has been a decade since I last stepped off the plane, returning from Southwest Asia on what would be my last trip to the region as a warfighter. Yet, the images, smells and sounds remain vividly etched into my memory, and these experiences have shaped me and many others who answered the call to serve.

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The Global Energy Crisis Threatens a Perfect Storm for Reputation – How Can Your Organization Prepare to Weather It?

Every corner of the world is currently feeling the effects of global energy turbulence triggered by geopolitics and climate change. In Europe, the severance of ties with the Kremlin has led Russia to close its main natural-gas pipeline to the region, subsequently causing unprecedented price inflation and energy shortages for tens of millions of Europeans. In California, recent record-shattering heat and destructive wildfires nearly brought the largest power grid in the United States to the brink as officials pleaded with consumers to conserve power and limit air conditioning and electricity use. With the rationing of hot water already underway in Germany, and California officials advising electric vehicle owners to limit charging, the energy crisis has become a global issue impacting consumers everywhere.

4 minute read

How to Commemorate Juneteenth

Juneteenth, or “Black Independence Day,” commemorates the freedom of enslaved Americans in the United States and is identified as the first Black American holiday. Short for “June Nineteenth,” the holiday marks the day when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, in 1865 to inform enslaved people they were freed. 

5 minute read

Scaling Reputation For Global Operations

When an organization begins to expand globally, it often faces a new set of challenges that could mean adjusting current strategies that have yielded success on the domestic front. Economic, regulatory and operational factors are just some of the many considerations nascent global businesses must address to succeed on the international stage.

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