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It’s a Barbie world, and we’re all buying in it

Over the past few months, many people were shocked to discover the “Barbie” movie hadn’t actually been released yet. While July 21, 2023 was the official release date of the most anticipated film of the year, the long lead up to the film since the original teaser dropped in 2022 was filled to the brim with licensing agreements, teaser trailers, interviews and the recent press tour that has captured every Barbie lover’s heart.

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FIFA 2023: How brands are kicking off the Women's World Cup

Budweiser will also ship crates of beer to countries participating in the world cup, hosting a celebration for the winning team, where it will unveil the final “The World is Yours to Take” film, complete with highlights from the winning team’s most iconic moments throughout the tournament. Allison + Partners is supporting PR.

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