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Supporting Grassroots Activism Through Compelling Storytelling

For the past 18 years, Allison+Partners has supported the Goldman Environmental Foundation, an incredible nonprofit organization that honors the work of ordinary people who take extraordinary actions to protect our planet through an annual prize. This year’s Goldman Environmental Prize winners — each representing a different inhabited continent of the world — impacted tangible large-scale changes through their grassroots efforts to conserve their own corners of the world.  

5 minute read

TikTok for Brands: How to Start a Channel

Starting a TikTok channel can be an intimidating step for a brand, but the platform’s meteoric rise in popularity has many marketers taking a second look. And for good reason. The potential value to marketers and brands is clear: 

7 minute read

Anxiety: Chapstick, water bottles and gum

Anyone who has met me later in life is used to hearing me talk about my anxiety. When meeting new people and establishing connections, I want to set the tone so the mental health conversation is open. There is nothing to hide and no reason to bury something that has an impact on your daily life. If I can be even a small part of changing that narrative, I consider it a success.  

2 minute read

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