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May 11, 2022 // //  //       //  Opinion

Scott Allison receives an Outstanding Individual Achievement Award from PRovoke Media

Congratulations to our CEO Scott Allison who was recognized with an ‘Outstanding Individual Achievement’ award at PRovoke Media's SABRE Awards! Read on to see the speech he delivered at the awards ceremony. 

Thank you, Paul, and the entire team over at Provoke, it’s great to be here in person again.  I usually think of this business as a team sport, and I think this is more of an acknowledgement of the many colleagues and clients who have helped us build this business over the last 20 years.

The time has passed quickly, and I remember when Andy Hardie-Brown sat down at a café in San Francisco in 2001 and sketched out an idea for a new agency.  At the time, I had my wife and I had two small kids to care for. It didn’t seem like the best idea. But Andy and I, along with Scott Pansky and Jonathan Heit believed we could create an agency that would be a great place to work and where we could focus on doing groundbreaking work for clients.

I’m incredibly grateful for my wife, Laurie, being such a major supporter of this effort and all the dedicated colleagues and clients that have pushed us to new heights. I’m often asked, did you ever think the company would grow to this size and the short answer is no, never. We continued to be amazed by the opportunities that are presented and by the talented people that have joined this journey.

I’ve spent my entire career in the agency business as I know many of you have. It’s been a great business for me and my family. It’s not easy business though and I know what all of us have gone through to navigate pandemics, recessions an ongoing crisis. We work to take care of our colleagues and our clients during these difficult time. I’m proud of the collective work of this industry.

I always want to acknowledge the tremendous competition in this room. From Richard’s team to Andy and Gail and so many others, you’ve all pushed us to do better. 

Thank you again and on to the next 20 years!

Scott is global chairman and CEO of one of the fastest-growing global communications firms in the industry. Known for its unique culture, Scott founded Allison+Partners with a vision to build a positive and entrepreneurial environment where talented people at all levels could do great work and thrive.

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