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Reputation Risk + Public Affairs

As new technology and government regulations influence business, companies need to be prepared to proactively navigate the public affairs landscape. A strong reputation and engagement with stakeholders are critical to achieving success. We believe effective public affairs programmes deliver business value and ROI. Whether it’s improving perceptions, shaping policy or mitigating a crisis, our public affairs specialists help clients create positive conversations that contribute to business results.


Senior Partner
Senior Partner


Through strategic planning, influencer outreach, spokesperson development and more, we run campaigns that change perception, educate audiences and win issues.
From gathering community support to carrying messages to local leaders, our team turns any issue into action from the ground up.
Influence is not an end unto itself, but a means to achieve affinity and advocacy. Through our proprietary scoring system, the Influence Impact Score, we help clients understand which stakeholders and influencers are most impactful to their efforts, ensuring that every message delivered sparks action.
Coordinated strategies with multiple media outlets push forward every campaign component. Our team works across earned, social and paid channels to increase visibility and highlight issues.
To influence others, you must own your issue. Our team takes clients from being part of the conversation to leading the discussion.