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Influencer Engagement

Influence is Not an End Unto Itself, But a Means to Achieve Affinity and Advocacy

Our approach to achieving influence through communications takes a broad view of influencer marketing strategies, understanding that anyone who has the ability to carry a message, regardless of channel, is an influencer and someone with which we recommend building an authentic relationship.

Allison+Partners has studied the influence ecosystem to identify the most effective influence channels, both on and offline. We use that information to help determine how and where we can create the greatest impact. We then combine the right combination of influence sources with our proprietary Influence Impact Score system to determine the best mix of influencers to help achieve consumer behaviour change, brand affinity or advocacy. It’s more than just influencer relations – it is about understanding the complex dynamics of influencer communications, the role of content and the power of a balanced approach that leverages both earned and paid strategies.