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A strong corporate reputation drives new business, improves valuations, attracts talent and insulates organisations hit by a crisis. It’s hard to build – and easy to lose – especially in today’s fast-paced highly critical social media environment. We help companies reach key external and internal stakeholders to create and maintain reputational value. Through best practices in corporate and financial communications, influencer relations, crisis and issues management, executive visibility campaigns, social impact and CSR, content marketing and digital strategies, our clients are able to transform and achieve market leadership.

By applying proven methods based on insight-driven strategies, our award-winning global team will drive your success in unexpected ways. We help focus your strengths to envision and execute programs to help you meet tomorrow’s reputational business needs.    


Senior Partner
Senior Partner
Partner + Global President, Europe + Corporate


We help start-ups and small companies with concept ideation (building the foundation – moving the idea forward), formation (helping to provide counsel on how to find talent or funding), execution (bringing the product to market) and escalation (reaching scale). 
We know that your brand is more than the products you sell, the services you provide, or the constituencies you serve. Our team works with Fortune 500 companies, leading trade associations, prominent foundations, not-for-profits, and government agencies to enable them to do well by doing good.
Our seasoned earned media experts leverage their powerful relationships and unrivalled knowledge of each important outlet to identify the right stories to tell and get impactful coverage to drive your organisation’s reputation.
Through our proprietary scoring system, The Power Model, we help clients understand which stakeholders and influencers are most impactful to their marketing and reputational efforts, ensuring that every message delivered lands in a way that sparks desired action and impact.
In today’s ultra-competitive environment, your greatest assets are your employees. Attracting and retaining talent is paramount. In today’s digital world, your employees are also your most important brand ambassadors. We work with clients to be seen as great places to work, while transforming workforces to achieve greater success.
We help organisations set the agenda by establishing a unique brand leadership platform and positioning senior executives as trusted visionaries. Leveraging speaking engagements, content and awards, our clients lead dynamic conversations that help them drive value to their organisations.
We believe every organisation has a great story to tell and that its executives are powerful mouthpieces for delivering that message. Our coaching programme helps executives uncover and express that story in an authentic and impactful way to connect with key external and internal audiences.
From product recalls and data security breaches, to financial restatements and disasters, we help clients respond quickly through paid, earned, shared and owned channels to protect their reputations and achieve the best possible outcome.
We believe successful reputation-building work must include integrated marketing communications strategies. In today’s social media-driven world, your voice and reputational value needs to be expressed across numerous channels to reach key audiences. 
We leverage insight-driven research to create successful change programmes. Taking an integrated approach, we design transformation communications programmes to impact internal and external stakeholders, managing the process to achieve a successful outcome no matter what changes your organisation faces.
Whether your company sells servers, cement or professional services, we build B2B (and B2B2C) brands through an integrated marketing communications approach. Our team of deep industry vertical experts will help you differentiate, drive lead gen, attract and retain talent, innovate and grow. 
We address global trends, analyse the marketplace and understand industry-specific business challenges. This helps clients utilise proven insights-driven methods to manage financial, regulatory and reputational challenges, helping them grow and establish market leadership.