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Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends,

As quarantines lift and people all over the world start emerging from their homes, we wanted to share some of our latest thinking on how businesses, governments and institutions are adjusting to life in the new normal.

Not since 9-11 has the world around us changed so quickly and dramatically as we’ve witnessed with COVID-19. Seemingly overnight, hundreds of millions of consumers taught themselves to work, learn and live in an increasingly virtual world. We’ve proudly stood alongside our clients in these trying times, marshalling all of our passion and talent for modern day communications to guide them through unprecedented challenges.

But where are we now, and what’s the best way forward as life seeks a reboot?

Recently, our advisory services team outlined the six phases of disruption companies contend with in crisis. I’d argue that we’re well into the Command phase, which follows the initial Shock and Orientation phases and points strongly toward Recovery, Bump, and eventually, Equilibrium.

The Command phase is where leaders lead. This is when bold, confident voices step forward and inspire confidence among internal and external stakeholders through a clarity of communications, outlining where they are going, how they will get there, and why you should believe in their vision.

This is not a time not for platitudes, but here-and-now fact-based storytelling about companies serving their clients in an exceptional capacity. Stories about technologies and services changing the game. Stories about employees inspired by a mission, companies devoted to those employees and the communities and industries they serve.

When we founded this agency in 2001, we did so with a strong conviction that the future of communications would require you to reach a wide audience directly. To make an impact, you’d need the ability to build a narrative across numerous channels simultaneously. At the time, we couldn’t have guessed how deep and wide this would go, whether media exposure, social commentary, videos, blogs or speeches. Looking back, that vision aligned perfectly with what our clients need today, and what they’re going to need in abundance in the years ahead.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be helping our clients answer fundamental questions about their business, as well as how to communicate any changes to the masses. The road ahead is certainly going to be challenging, but I stand proud to be working alongside the inspired professionals at Allison+Partners and look forward to partnering with our clients on helping them succeed in the new normal.

If there is anything I can do to address any of your concerns please email me directly at You can also sign up  to receive our weekly newsletter titled, “Emerging Stronger: Winning in the New Normal” or visit our COVID-19 support page to learn how we can help you during this time. 

Meanwhile, please stay safe and well.

Scott Allison