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Dear Colleagues, Clients and Friends, 

While last week we were encouraged by the lifting of quarantines around the world and the potential positive impact on our daily lives and business, this week sees us facing down an even more insipid virus – institutional racism. 

The senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others have reverberated around the world, driving protestors into the streets to express their anger and address the ongoing disenfranchisement of minorities and people of color.  

These extraordinary events were cast against the backdrop of a worldwide pandemic, one that continues to upend the lives of people everywhere and finds tens of millions out of work.  

As we first emerged from the post-lockdown world, we asked“What’s the best way forward as life seeks a reboot? That question now seems almost quaint in its simplicity. Every organization and individual faces existential questions about the way they operate and the role they play in society at large. How these challenges are answered will impact life as we know it, for generations to come. 

This agency was founded on the principles of collaboration and empowerment for every team member. These are enshrined in our core values, and guide us in our efforts to give voice to the entire organization in how we move forward.  

In the coming week, we will launch  Allison+Perspectives, a series that seeks to inspire open and introspective communication, diving deeply into how race, class, sexual orientation, and other biases shape societies. We will engage in tough conversations to allow for deeper understanding of the human experience from a historical standpoint up to the present day. Our first discussion will be hosted on Wednesday, featuring individuals from across our global organization and fielding questions from our team.  

From our offices around the world, our clients are asking the right questions, guided by an ambition to look inward and beyond themselves, “what can we do?”  

While there are countless options for making a difference, and catalyzing change, here are some of the core recommendations we’re making during these historic days: 

  1. Use your platform to take a stand and share the voices of those who often go unheard. 
  2. When possible, give to those in most need and support the causes that are authentic to you and your brand. Our agency made a financial donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to help advance their fight for racial justice. 
  3. Halt your commercial efforts for the time being or risk being tone deaf. 
  4. Beyond monetary donations, participate in your communities' efforts to eradicate hate and implement change by joining organizations or using their toolkits to help advance their missions. Notable organizations include:  Black Lives Matter,  Color of Change,  Grassroots Law Project,, and Until Freedom. 
  5. Engage your team for their thinking on all of this – it can’t be top down and it can’t be done alone. 
  6. Create a safe place for your team and your customers to share their own experiences. 

Above all else, be authentic to yourself and to your brand in all you do.  

When George Floyd’s death came to light, I sent an open letter to all of our employees around the world. In it, our founding team shared our feelings on this tragic moment in human history, stressing the importance that we pause, reflect and better educate ourselves on what is happening around us, and the root causes of many issues plaguing society today.   

Listening and understanding represent two steps on the journey toward equality for all, in every country around the world. And there’s so many more steps to take together, as well, as we continue to foster values built around acceptance, caring and equality. Black lives matter.   

We must not accept the deaths, cruelty and indignity that many face on a daily basis. And, we must take this time to listen to those voicing their demands for change in our communities.   

As we reflect and go forward during Pride Month, let’s all take time to appreciate our uniqueness and differences and celebrate what makes each and every one of us special. 

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be helping our clients answer fundamental questions about their business, as well as how to communicate any changes to the masses. The road ahead is certainly going to be challenging, but I stand proud to be working alongside the inspired professionals at Allison+Partners and look forward to partnering with our clients on helping them succeed in this ever-changing world. 

If there is anything I can do to address any of your concerns please email me directly You can also sign up  to receive our weekly newsletter titled, “Emerging Stronger” to learn how we can help you during this time.  

Meanwhile, please stay safe and well. 

Scott Allison